Q: Is MUSH gluten-free?

A: Our product is naturally gluten free but is not certified at the moment. We suggest anyone with an adverse reaction to gluten wait to order once we've been certified, which will likely happen at the beginning of 2018. Otherwise, our product is perfect for individuals who are restricting their gluten intake.


Q: How do I prepare/heat MUSH?

A: We pitch MUSH as a cold product; simply a grab and go out of the fridge. We cold-soak our oats overnight. They are just as easy to digest as traditional oatmeal but they are more nutrient dense--we haven't cooked off all the vitamins and minerals.  

With that said, you absolutely can heat the product up! We suggest 30 second increments in the microwave. To prevent the product from drying out we suggest adding a touch more liquid of your choice (almond milk, coconut milk, dairy milk...whatever you prefer). 


Q: Do you offer a variety or mixed pack of flavors?

A: We offer a variety/MIXED 8-pack. It can be found under “SHOP MUSH” and appears as “MIXED | 8-pack”. It’s a great way to try all our offerings with one order! Here is a direct link for your convenience: https://eatmush.com/collections/8-packs/products/mixed-8-pack


Q: What are the ingredients/nutrition facts?

A: Our nutrition facts can be found on each product page. When you click on any "SHOP MUSH" offering, there will be an image of the nutrition label directly under the 8-pack image in the middle.


Q: Is MUSH in Canada or can it be shipped to Canada?

A: Unfortunately, we are not yet sold in Canada and do not offer shipping to Canada at the moment. We are working on this as we speak. Please sign up for our newsletter; we will announce when this exciting day arrives!


Q: What is the shelf-life of MUSH?

A: MUSH has a shelf life of 60 days upon manufacturing. Typically, the product you will receive has a 6 to 7 week shelf life due to time lost in transit.


Q: Does MUSH require refrigeration?

A: MUSH requires refrigeration because it contains all raw ingredients without any preservatives or artificial anything.


Q: I saw MUSH on Amazon for a lower/different price. What's this about?

A: That account is NOT associated with us and has been reported as fraudulent. Please ignore it!


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