About us

Our Belief.

Mush was founded on the simple belief that better foods create better outcomes.
Our purpose is to help people maximize their potential by enabling them to feel, think, and do better.

Our Story

Start even if you don’t know how.

Ashley co-founded MUSH in 2015 with the conviction that easy, delicious, and nutritious food can elevate the world in powerful ways. Early in life, Ashley’s sister was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The experience left an indelible mark on her, and she cultivated a strong belief that better outcomes begin with better food. She began her career as a trading analyst, and like many others in finance, started each day with a run. Ashley soon realized that even on Wall Street, it was hard to access nutritious food and would bring her own ‘Mush’ to work, inspired by her favorite "hack" as a kid: cereal and oatmeal soaked in milk. She had discovered a white space that was equal parts healthy, delicious, and convenient. She quit her job and got to work.


The company has grown rapidly from its early days when Ashley would sell small handmade batches at local farmers markets in San Diego. Today, MUSH is the leading brand in its category, powered by a small but mighty team of passionate individuals who love to help others feel, think, and do better.

One MUSH at
a time.

We sold our first container of ready-to-eat oats at a farmer's market in August 2015. The product was made from ingredients purchased at Costco, had a 7-day shelf life, and was packaged in soufflé containers. We are proud of our humble beginnings. The lessons we've learned from then to now ground us in our values even as we grow, one MUSH at a time.


We Are ready

Ready to fuel the peak performer in all of us. 

Ready to ditch empty calories for fuller lives. 

Ready to pioneer a better way than sugary, processed and artificial. 

Life and our food ecosystem do not make it easy to eat healthy. 

We do. With ready-to-eat oats that are wholesome, and then some. That give your mind, body and tastebuds what they truly need to seize the day, every day. 

Ready to fuel your inner greatness? 

We thought so.

MUSH. Ready for anything.