Purpose driven.

We exist to help people feel, think, and do better.

We make healthy food convenient and delicious so that you can incorporate more of it into your life.

After all,
you are
what you eat.

We happen to make delicious
ready-to-eat oats. For now.

Our journey started at humble beginnings.
One pod of MUSH at a time.

And it’s still just the beginning. We’re humbled every day by the work. By the mission that’s greater than each of us. By our incredible customers. You all are so smart and perceptive.

Hi there - from Team MUSH. We're glad you're here.

Here's what we're all about.

Big things start small.

We didn't set out to make another breakfast cereal, but rather to change the way we all think about what goes in our bodies. We believe good taste doesn't have to be the enemy of good for you. A healthy work ethic and a healthy diet aren't at odds. They're partners. Because when you eat your best, you're at your best.

And when that's true, it's good for us all.

Join our journey. Stay connected. Spread the word. Be well.

Women-owned. Human powered.